We were founded in 1984, by Tony Cable.

Tony built the company up from scratch, first starting as an odd job man, undertaking cleaning and repair jobs.

Gradually, Tony learnt the paving trade and educated himself fully in the world of asphalting.

Fully qualified in all aspects of asphalt paving, Tony began to offer his own services as a paving contractor, to the local area.

Thirty years later, and he has a thriving company, full of professional contractors working for him – all offering the same great service.

From a one man band, to the conductor of an orchestra, Tony now presides over a successful business and first class service.

His second in command, is Martin Weiss. Martin is now the general manager on a day to day basis.


Our company has always had a vision and that has been to serve the local area as best as possible.

We are on the side of the homeowner and the business owner, alike.

Whether it is a small business, or a multi-national conglomeration, we do what is best for your business needs.

We can suggest the best treatment for your asphalt parking lot or what course of action to take for your aging basketball court.

We offer all businesses favorable rates and an ongoing maintenance contract – this puts you in the driving seat and allows you priority when it comes looking after your property.

Our contractors will only ever suggest the best for your driveway or parking lot. This means we won’t ever carry out unnecessary work or suggest expensive treatments when they don’t need to be done.

But it also means being honest with our customers and telling them the truth. If something is going to cost a bit more in the short term, but save money in the long run, then we tell you about it.

There are no hidden costs with our firm and we are always upfront about our fees, straight from the off.

Deal with the professionals, not the cowboys and contact Martin for a free quote today!